diplomacy in the 2nd grade

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why the bombers?

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LOOK [10 Sep 2004|02:37pm]
add me,i'll add you. if i don't add you back, it doesn't mean i don't love you.

eg skil ekki [08 Sep 2004|05:41pm]
[ mood | angray ]

using my psychic powers i have determined that this is going to be a really sucky school year. i only have 5 days left of freedom, and so far all i have done is

-go to the berkshires 18 times
-buy shoes
-shop online
-play the pokemon! trading card game for GB
-sit on my ass

and in 3 days guess what?!? i'm getting a hair cut! woot, i am lyke, s00per hapPY 4 ReaL,.

1. The Cuckoo a neat russian movie about 2 soldiers and a really promiscuous Lapp lady. more sex than i expected
2. Beyond Borders i won't even explain this movie, it sucked
3. </i>the shining</i> really fucking scary k.
4. once upon a time in the midlands funny, the only movie i've ever seen with a bunch of Scots fighting clowns
5. Anastasia i don't care what you say, this movie rox
6. Ella enchanted horrible, i couldn't watch most of it
7. Princess Diaries 2 stewpod

there's more but i don't remember and this is a dum post

[07 Sep 2004|03:58pm]
[ mood | dead ]

on the way home from massachusetts, i saw all kinds of roadkill, no joke. it was really weird, it sort of seemed like the twilight zone. only not so fun.

later i will post pictures of my ice that just recently purchased from the world famous jewlery outlet, claires.

oi. [02 Sep 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

in words i can't truly express how absolutely useless today was. i had a back to school workshop thing that they have every year at my school. it was gross. they made us get in a circle and introduce ourselves to the incoming kids. we had to think of an adjective to describe ourselves that started with the same letter as our first name. ok, my name is isabel. i was going to use the word promiscuous, but i had to use interesting, which made me feel like a dickhead.
oh, but i did get sharpies, a 12 pack. i feel special.
school hasn't even started yet, and already i am annoyed. i just found out i was put in some sort of new exsclusive science/research class. why don't they just write NERD on my forehead and call it a day??

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MODERNE KUNST [31 Aug 2004|12:17pm]
[ mood | i'd like to go back to bed ]

gee golly it's going to be a boring day! i hate how everyone keeps telling me that school is starting and telling me i should be nervous. for the first time, i really don't care about school. i mean, i care about grades and shit, but why should i care about starting again? it's not like it's going to be so different or anything!

i spent tons of $$$$ yesterday. woot. i got some german course books (ja!) and magz and such.

how do i end this? oh yeah, i am very proud of myself for not starting my summer homework yet. congratulate me.

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